Designer Daylilies - The Perfect Perennial!

Helpful Tips

Daylilies are tough, adaptable and vigorous.  Planted in the right spot they will thrive for years with little or no care. Choose a site with at least 6 hours of sun.  Avoid planting close to trees or shrubs where they will compete for moisture.  Be sure to mix plenty of compost with your soil when planting.  Mushroom Compost or Purple Cow are great choices.  Daylilies are drought tolerant but flower best with sufficient moisture.  To help with this, mulch plants and water when soil gets too dry.  Early morning is the best time to water.   In spring remove dead foliage and debris.


Midsummer is a great time to choose YOUR favorite daylilies.  See them in living color!

'Pardon Me' Daylily

Miniature daylily with long bloom period and fragrant flowers.

'El Desperado' Daylily

Masses of large 5" flowers.  Why don't you come to your senses & buy some!

'Marque Moon' Daylily

One of the best!  Loaded with elegantly ruffled, fragrant blooms.

'Rosy Returns' Daylily

Grows to 14" tall.  First hardy, pink re- blooming variety.  Fragrant 4" blooms.

'Stolen Treasure' Daylily

Grows to 26".  Very large 6-1/2" flowers!  One of a kind.

'Woodside Romance' Daylily

Grows to 27" tall.  Reblooming variety loaded with 5" blooms.

'Ruby Spider' Daylily

Grows to 34" tall.  Gigantic 9" ruby red flowers! 

'Romantic Rerurns' Daylily

Grows to 25" tall.  Reblooming variety loaded with fragrant, 5" flowers.

'Stephanie Returns' Daylily

Grows to 16-18" tall.  Very unique reblooming daylily. Fragrant 4" blooms

'Sundried Tomatoes' Daylily

Grows to 32-36" tall.  Reblooming variety loaded with 5" blooms.

'Handwriting on the Wall'

Height 24". Peach w/wine-purple eye.  Unique 6" blooms.  Fragrant.

'Moses Fire' Daylily

Height 22". Double bright red w/thin yellow edge.  6" blooms.

'Fooled Me' Daylily

Grows to 24" tall.  Large 5-1/2" flowers with pie-crust edges.  Very popular.

'Scottish Fantasy' Daylily

Large 5" flowers. Very heavy flowering!

'Happy Returns' Daylily

Grows to 18" tall.  Waves of 3" fragrant, canary yellow blossoms Summer to frost

'Adorable Tiger' Daylily

Grows to 26" tall.  Clear, vibrant colors. Fragrant 4-5" blooms.

'Strawberry Candy' Daylily

Grows to 26" tall.  Long blooming variety with 4-1/2" blooms.

'Stella de Oro' Daylily

Grows 15" tall.  The original reblooming daylily-Still one of the best.

'Purple de Oro' Daylily

Miniature daylily with pie crust edges and purple veining.  Repeat bloomer!

'Storm Shelter' Daylily

Height 24".  Pie crust edges on 5" purple and mauve colored flowers.  Fragrant too

'Siloam Dbl. Classic' Daylily

Sold Out.  Grows to 26" tall.  Unique 4-1/2" flowers are fragrant and double!

'Going Bananas' Daylily

Grows 19-22".  Nearly continuous blooms right into fall!  Lightly fragrant.

'Apricot Sparkles' Daylily

Reblooming dwarf variety with abundant 3" blooms.

'Mighty Chestnut' Daylily 

Grows to 30" tall.  Large 5" fragrant blooms.

'Erin Lea' Daylily

Grows to 24" tall.  Large 5-1/2 to 6" frilly ruffled flowers.  

'Pizza Crust' Daylily

Extra large!  Grows to 30" tall with 6" blooms.  Fragrant too.

'Elegant Candy' Daylily

Grows to 25" tall.  A frequent re-bloomer with 4" fragrant flowers.

'Wineberry Candy' Daylily

Grows to 22" tall.  Very long blooming period.  Fragrant 4-1/2" flowers.

'Monterrey Jack' Daylily

Height 24".  Light yellow flowers with raspberry-red eye.  Early 5-1/2" blooms.


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