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Annuals - The 'Duracell Bunnies' of the Plant World!

They keep blooming and blooming and blooming!

Why plant annuals?  After all they only live one year or a portion of one year.

  • Easy to grow AND they grow fast.

  • Annuals, flower early and often-most flower from planting time until frost!

  • Annual plants fill that ugly bare area with quick, long-lasting color.

  • They are unbeatable for attracting hummingbirds, pollinators, and butterflies.

  • They are party animals!  Garden Party that is.

  • They go great with beer and brats.

  • You don't even have to plant them.  Our planters and hanging baskets can brighten up your deck, porch, front walk and house.

  • Make Every Normal Day - Abnormally Beautiful!


AND grown right here in New Berlin.  Come see them in living color!

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