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Wisconsin Hardy Hibiscus - Summer Showstoppers!

Hibiscus 'Berry Awesome' PP27936 CPBR5647 0002 high res.jpg

Helpful Tips

First these hibiscus are perennials.  That's right they come back yard after year.  Second these plants can trace their heritage back to primarily Hibiscus moscheutos a species native to the central and eastern regions of the United States. They are hardy from zones 4-9 and dieback to the ground each year.

They perform best with consistent watering, particularly if they have been recently transplanted. If your Hibiscus is losing its lowest leaves, or aborting buds, you may need to up the aqua!  They are late to break in spring. They're not dead!   They may not show signs of life until June.  After that they grow fast, very fast.  Lastly plant them in the sun.


August is a great time to choose YOUR favorite Hibiscus.  Hundreds to choose from!

Hibiscus available May 1st

Hibiscus 'Starry Starry Night'

Height: 3½-4' - Width: 3½-4'

Glow in the night flowers against near-black maple like leaves.



Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC 'Cranberry Crush'

Height: 4' - Width: 5'

Compact round clump with with deep scarlet red, 7-8" flowers.


Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel'

Height: 4' - Width: 4½'

Deep wine-purple, maple-like foliage and scarlet red, 8-9" flowers set this hibiscus apart. 


Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC 'Candy Crush'

Height: 4 - 4½' - Width: 4½'

Strong, upright form absolutely loaded with 8" bubblegum pink flowers.


Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC 'Cherry Choco Latte'

Height: 4' - Width: 4'

Extra large 8-9" flowers really stand out against dark green-bronze foliage.


Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC 'Berry Awesome

Height: 4 - 4½' - Width: 4½-5'

Stunning variety with huge7-8" ruffled flowers. Awesome!

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