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November 24th

Watch amateur video below to see how easy and fast it is to setup a Christmas tree with a pre drilled tree and a Stand Strait tree stand

We drill our trees for use with Stand Straight tree stands so.... You can enjoy setting up your tree in seconds!
  1. Place the stand on the floor-be sure to keep it away from any heat registers.

  2. Bring the tree in with the netting still on.  Place the hole we drilled over the pin in the stand and let the tree slide down onto it.

  3. Cut the netting off and spin the tree on the pin until the best side is out.  Put warm water in the stand and you're done!

Come and enjoy an "Out of the Mall Experience"!

Dad and the kids don't want to shop for clothes. Mom's not wild about the tool department...But the whole family will love picking out a tree.

Real Christmas Trees...

Fresh from Wisconsin!

  We carry only the freshest, straightest trees available. Need a big tree?  We have Fraser Fir up to 12' tall.  We wrap your tree to make it easy to handle.  Best of all, our trees set up in seconds.  See how your tree can be standing perfectly straight in just seconds-a real marriage saver!

Freshest Christmas trees South of the North Pole.  Table top to 12'. Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir and Balsam Fir.  Old fashioned Christmas tree lot.


Prospect Hill Garden Center
19305 W National Ave, New Berlin, WI 53146

(262) 679-2207

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